Kiteboarding on Cuyo | Downwinders

Cuyo Island Downwinder

CWA arranges frequent downwinders for kiteboarders wishing to kite the stunning 7km route between Mt. Bombon and Capusan Beach.

The trip departs from the CWA store at a time nominated to suit the day’s wind and tide forecast.  From here, participants will be driven to the start of a rugged 20 minute walking trail which leads to the launching area, a beach on the northern side of Mt. Bombon.

In the stretch between Mt. Bombon and Capusan Beach, riders will experience Cuyo’s most beautiful kite spots, with big waves, small waves, shallow water, blue water (if they choose), abundant nature and pristine scenery throughout.


  • Meet at CWA Store (on Capusan Beach through the first blue gate)
  • 15 Minute safety briefing
  • 20 Minute motorbike trip to Mt. Bombon (bike and driver included)
  • 20 Minute walking trail to Super Secret Kite Beach
  • Set up kites and launch (assistance provided)
  • Downwind kiting to Capusan Beach (approx 7km)
  • Remaining belongings returned to CWA Store for collection

PHP500 Per Person


Cuyo Island Downwinder, by Cuyo Watersports Association

Super Secret Kite Beach

Much like Machu Pichu or Atlantis, the location of Super Secret Kite Beach was a closely guarded secret for many generations.  So well hidden was the beach, many believed it to be nothing but the subject of ancient mythology and folk lore.

Over the years, kiteboarding explorers told tales of seeing the beach from the water, and many expeditions were sent over land to investigate, but meeting only impenetrable vegetation and un-passable rocky outcrops, none ever found it….

…Until now!