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Cuyo Watersports Association (CWA) was Cuyo’s first watersports organisation, founded in 2010 by Cuyonon local Jing Rodriguez Tabangay.  It received formal recognition by the local government in 2011 and has since operated as the overseeing body for watersports on Cuyo.  In 2015 CWA was proud to be named an IKO Affiliated Centre, an international Pro-Centre award which recognises teaching and safety excellence.  Jing remains president of the association today.

Jing is an extremely experienced kiteboarder, windsurfer and instructor. He is famed for his unrivalled kite repair skills, as well as his readiness to rescue a kiter in need at a moment’s notice. He is passionate about sharing his love of kiteboarding and is unrelentingly dedicated to the preservation, protection and betterment of his local community.

In short, he’s a total legend!

Cuyo Town & Capusan Beach | Cuyo Island, Palawan, Philippines | Photography: Ronald Chu Palay

Cuyo Town & Capusan Beach | Cuyo Island, Palawan, Philippines | Photography: Ronald Chu Palay

Play . Protect . Preserve

CWA is committed to preserving its community and environment, and improving the lives of Cuyo’s inhabitants.

As such, we operate an ongoing free kite board training programme for the local community which takes participants from absolute beginner level, all the way up to instructor. In accordance with both Filipino and municipal law, we also adhere to a strict policy of employing only instructors from the local community.

Cuyo Watersports Association, Capusan Beach, Cuyo Island, Palawan


IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) is the world’s leading kiteboarding organisation, setting the global benchmarks for kiteboarding education and safe practice.

In 2015, CWA was proud to achieve recognition as an IKO affiliated kiteboarding centre.  IKO affiliation can only be achieved by centres with a proven record of teaching excellence and the best possible standards of safety.




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