Kiteboarding on Cuyo | Wind & Weather


Every year between December and February Cuyo experiences a steady North Easterly trade wind. Locally this season is known as the Amihan and it is the most popular time for kiteboarding in the Philippines. On Cuyo during this period the wind routinely blows somewhere between 17 and 35 knots.

During the months either side of the Amihan (October, November, March and April), some good winds can be expected, although they are usually lighter and less predictable, typically blowing somewhere between 13 and 25 knots.

Amihan is Cuyo’s dry season so rain is extremely rare at this time of year. Temperatures are generally in the mid to late twenties and a cool sea breeze makes this season the most comfortable. The water temperature averages between 22 and 26 degrees, so kiters rarely wear wetsuits on Cuyo, although appropriate sun protection is essential.


July through to September is referred to as Habagat. Habagat is Cuyo’s wet season, when gusty typhoon winds blow from the South West. Kiteboarding is also possible during this time, but the conditions are less suited to beginners or inexperienced kiters.

Habagat is Cuyo’s wet season so the climate is hot and humid with frequent heavy rains. Temperatures often reach the mid thirties around this time.

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