The Philippines | Kiteboarding Spots


Boracay is the Philippines’ most well known tourist attraction and is a popular kite spot. Boracay has the most extensive range of bars, restaurants, accommodation and activities of anywhere in the Philippines and as such it is an extremely popular holiday destination; the kite area in particular can get crowded, especially during peak season.


Kingfisher near Pagudpud in the north is a beautiful, remote spot with excellent exposure to the Amihan winds. It has big shore breaking waves and is therefore suited to experienced kiters more than beginners. More details can be found at


Siargao in Mindanao is a popular and well known surf spot with some world famous surf breaks. Kiting here is possible, but the island is too far south to receive decent Amihan winds so the conditions are less predictable. It should also be noted that the dry season in this region is between late April and mid November, opposite to that of Cuyo, Boracay and Kingfisher.


Bagasbas Beach near Daet has strong although often gusty Amihan winds, ocean swell, waves and some flat water lagoon areas. The weather here during Amihan is generally overcast, and can get rainy. Mikes Kites operates the area’s sole kite school, and can be found at


The Calamianes Islands, commonly known as Coron, lie in the very North of Palawan. The wind here is a bit lighter than in Cuyo, the scenery is picturesque. Amihan season is dry season here, same as in Cuyo. 250k Kiteboarding is the only outfit for kitesurfers in the area. They cater to beginners and advanced kiters alike in their private island kite camp.


Cuyo Island has an expansive kiteboarding area suitable for both beginner and advanced kiteboarders. The weather during Amihan is pleasant, and the winds strong and reliable. The island still receives relatively few visitors, so while the tourist infrastructure is limited, the unique character and culture of the island remains intact.