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We love sharing our passion for kiteboarding and take pride in our students and their development.  An IKO affiliated centre, we offer courses from absolute beginner to pro-level, including internationally recognised Instructor and Coaching qualifications.

CWA | IKO Affiliated Centre

IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) is the world’s leading kiteboarding organisation, setting the global benchmarks for kiteboarding education and safe practice.  IKO affiliation can only be achieved by centres with a proven record of teaching excellence and the best possible standards of safety.

In 2015, CWA was proud to be named the only IKO affiliated kiteboarding centre in the Philippines.  As such, CWA is the only place in the country currently able to offer IKO Pro-Courses, including IKO Instructor Training Courses (ITC) and kiteboarding Coach Courses (KCC).  See below for our current selection of IKO accredited courses and upcoming training calendar.

Courses | Kiteboarding Progression

Absolute Beginners

With a large uncrowded and unpolluted, flat, shallow water area and steady onshore and cross-onshore winds, Cuyo is indisputably one of the best spots in Asia to learn kiteboarding.   All our instructors are experienced and qualified, and all students will get an IKO qualification upon finishing their course, with the level awarded reflecting the skills mastered during the course.

Intermediate/Advanced Riders

Progress to the next level by taking an advanced lesson with CWA.  CWA uses two-way bluetooth headsets which allow you to ride with your instructor and receive one on one real-time feedback and adjustments to your technique – In our experience, this is the best way for experienced riders to progress rapidly.

Courses | IKO Pro-Courses

IKO Training Calendar 2017-18

Assistant Instructor Plus (AITC+)Medic First Aid (MFA)Instructor Training Course (ITC)Kiteboarding Coach Course (KCC)
12 January – 16 January 201817 January 201818 January - 22 January 201824 January – 28 January 2018
30 January – 03 February 201804 February 201805 February - 09 February 2018
5 Days / 40 Hours1 Day5 Days / 40 Hours5 Days / 40 Hours
USD $500USD $150USD $890USD $890

IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course (AITC) | IKO Pro-Course

Learn how to assist students under the supervision of an Instructor and take your first step towards a progressive career as an IKO Instructor.

IKO Instructor training Course (ITC) | IKO Pro-Course

Do you want to unite your passion with your job? Qualified IKO Instructors are eligible to teach kiteboarding around the world.  As the only IKO affiliated kiteboarding centre in the Philippines, CWA is the only place in the country currently able to offer IKO Instructor Training Courses (ITC).

IKO Kiteboarding Coach Course (KCC) | IKO Advanced Pro-Course

One of IKO’s newest, highest, and most specialised teaching awards for advanced riders, Coaches are qualified to teach IKO Level 5 kiteboarding and host IKO endorsed Evolution Clinic.

Medic first Aid (MFA)

A valid First Aid and CPR certification is a prerequisite for the IKO Instructor Training Course.  If you don’t already hold a valid certificate, this can be done with CWA as a day course prior to the ITC.