Cuyo Island | Facilities


There are several internet cafes in the main town, though the internet connection is generally very slow and unreliable. The Smart Network provides mobile coverage to most of the island. The Globe Network has limited coverage.


Visitors should be aware that there are currently no ATM facilities on Cuyo and card payments are also not accepted anywhere on the island. Bring cash! There are several banks on the island but they only service local account holders.

At present, the only way for a foreigner to get cash is via a Western Union or MoneyGram transfer.


In town there are a numerous retailers selling a range of food, clothing, electronics, homewares, and hardware.  Fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit can be bought at Cuyo Market.

Nearly everything sold on Cuyo has to be imported from the mainland, so the range can be limited and stocks of certain items might run low or run out for long periods of time.  Visitors should stock up on essential supplies before they come.

Visa Extensions

There is no immigration office on Cuyo, so it is recommended that foreigners try to obtain all necessary visas before departing the mainland.  The closest offices are in Puerto Princesa and Iloilo.

Emergency Services

As with the rest of the Philippines, medical resources on the island are limited.

Cuyo has a hospital, a couple of dentists, several pharmacies, and an airstrip for medical evacuations. Nevertheless, visitors are advised to bring ample supplies of any medicine or treatment they might require while on Cuyo, and to invest in a comprehensive medical insurance package before they travel.

In the main town there is also a Coastguard Station, a Police Station, and a Fire Station.