Kiteboarding on Cuyo | Locations


Capusan Beach

Capusan Beach is the most popular kiteboarding spot on Cuyo, due its proximity to the main town centre, long sand bar, ample space, flat water, and combination of both shallow and deep waters.  The area is suited to both beginners and advanced kiteboarders alike.

CWA’s storage area is located on Capusan Beach, minutes from the launching and landing area, and can be found through the first blue gate.  Most of our lessons take place on Capusan Beach as this is the most suitable area on the island for kiteboarders who are just starting out.

Victoria/Quejano Beach by Ronald Chu Palay

Quejano Beach / Victoria Beach

Quejano Beach (AKA Victoria Beach) on the opposite side of the island is a smaller but especially idyllic spot, with shallow water and breaking reef waves. The kiting here is best when the water is high and the wind strong.

The beach is flanked by the tranquil Anino Retreat, who will usually charge visiting kiters a small access fee.

Victoria/Quejano Beach by Ronald Chu Palay

Putic Island & Mt. Bombon

Beautiful conditions can be found to the North of Cuyo, around Mt. Bombon and Putic Island.  Putic Island is home to wild monkeys and a handful of seasonal fishermen, while Mt. Bombon is home to the infamous, but notoriously hard to find “Super-Secret Kite Beach”.

A Venturi Effect between the Putic Island and Mt. Bombon means the wind is generally a little stronger here than elsewhere on the island.  Cuyo’s best waves are also usually found around here.  As the area is relatively difficult to get to, CWA arranges frequent day trips and overnight kite safaris.

The whole area between Mt Bombon and Capsuan Beach is suitable for kiting, due to excellent exposure to the North Easterly Amihan winds and a shallow lagoon which runs the entire length. CWA arranges frequent down-winders for those wishing to kite this stunning 7km stretch.