Kiteboarding on Cuyo | Gear & Equipment

Kite Gear

During the Amihan season, kiteboarders in the 70-85kg range should bring a 10m kite, as well as a 12-13m kite for light days, and a 7m kite for strong days.  Lighter / heavier kiteboarders should adjust their kite sizes accordingly.

Strong days are more likely during the peak of the Amihan winds (December, January and February) while lighter wind days are more common early and late in the season (October, November, March, April) so the timing of your trip may influence what sizes you choose to bring.


The water temperature averages between 22 and 26 degrees, so kiters rarely wear wetsuits on Cuyo.  When the sky is overcast and the water high, however, temperatures can be cooler.  These days are relatively unusual, but when they do happen, a thin neoprene layer can be useful.

Decent sun protection is essential.

On Capusan Beach there are patches of large sea urchins at the edge of the reef, between the tip of the sandbar and the ferry marker, so some kiters may choose to wear booties.


CWA has a range of equipment available for hire and should be able to meet most requirements.  If you require something specific, however, please drop us a line before you arrive to check availability. Please click here to view current rates


It is a well established fact that Jing does the best kite repairs on Cuyo, if not the whole of the Philippines, so most gear issues can usually be resolved on the island.  Replacement parts, however, are often in short supply so if you have space, bring spares!