Kiteboarding on Cuyo | Hazards & Safety



On Capusan Beach there are patches of large sea urchins at the edge of the reef, between the tip of the sandbar and the ferry marker. Kiters should try to avoid this area, especially at low tide. Shells and other sharp debris on the seabed can also cause injuries, so some kiters may choose to wear booties.

Quijano/Victoria Beach also has some sea urchins, although they are regularly removed by the team from Anino Retreat.

There are small sharks around Cuyo, but large predatory sharks are almost unheard of.  Stonefish are known to exist in the area, but are extremely rare.  Jelly fish are also uncommon.

During Amihan the wind blows offshore between Capusan Beach and the pier. Inexperienced kiters should stay on the opposite side where the wind blows onshore or cross onshore. Kiters who find themselves unable to return upwind to Capusan Beach should proceed downwind beyond the pier, where they will find a flat, shallow area, with space for a self landing or self rescue.


The risk of injury and accident for those engaging in an inherently hazardous sport like kiteboarding is universal.

Kiters on Cuyo should be aware that as with the rest of the Philippines, medical resources on the island are limited. Cuyo has a hospital, several pharmacies and an airstrip for medical evacuations. Nevertheless, visitors are advised to bring ample supplies of any medicine or treatment they might require while on Cuyo, and to invest in a comprehensive medical insurance package before they travel.

There is a Coastguard service available to assist in emergency situations on the water.  They are stationed on Capusan Beach behind the market.

Travel Insurance

Medical Treatment and procedures available on Cuyo are extremely limited.  Anyone experiencing serious illness or injury whilst on Cuyo will almost certainly need to travel to the mainland for proper treatment.  For this reason, we strongly recommend all foreign visitors to Cuyo, especially kiteboarders, obtain suitable travel insurance before they arrive.

Travel insurance to the rescue!

Staying Safe

Your ability to safely and completely depower and drop your kite and otherwise manage in an emergency will weigh heavily on your technique, preparation, prior practice and the reliability of your gear.

Please refer to Cuyo’s Kiteboarding Code of Conduct for tips on keeping yourself and other beach users safe.