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Learn to Kiteboard with Cuyo Watersports Association

We love sharing our passion for kiteboarding and take pride in our students and their development.  With a large uncrowded and unpolluted, flat, shallow water area and steady onshore and cross-onshore winds, Cuyo is indisputably one of the best spots in Asia to learn kiteboarding.

All our courses put an emphasis on kite control, proper technique, and safe practice. We take our time and progression will be at a pace tailored to each student, suitable to their experience and natural ability.  Our goal is to produce kiteboarders who are skilled, safe, and love the sport like we do!

How long does it take to learn to kiteboard?

It typically takes around 16 hours for an absolute beginner to progress to riding independently.  All students learn differently though; some get there faster, and some take a little longer. How long it takes will depend on the conditions at the time, your natural ability, and any prior experience (either kiteboarding or another sport with transferable skills like snowboarding, surfing, or wakeboarding).

As a rough guide, students can expect the following at each stage of progression:

1 – 3 hours: Learn the basics of wind and weather, how to assess your conditions and set up and use your equipment. Flying a specialised, short line, small kite on the beach, students will begin to master the essentials of kite control.

4 – 9 hours: Progressing to a full size kite, students will continue to improve their kite control both on land and in water.  They will perfect all their self-rescue skills, and take their first steps towards board riding

10 – 16 hours: Students will refine their kite control and riding skills, aiming to master upwind riding, coming to a controlled stop, and changing direction. They should gain the confidence, knowledge, and ability necessary to begin practising independently.

17 hours to forever: Continue refining your skills and technique.  Start landing jumps, or perfecting your unhooked triple whim-wham backslap… Kiteboarders never finish learning to kiteboard!

How many hours will I do each day?

Again, this depends on the conditions at the time, as well as your own stamina and eagerness! Whilst it’s possible to learn to kiteboard in as little as a couple of days, most people choose to do only two or three hours each day and will take one or two rest days along the way.  In this case, a full 16 hour beginner course usually takes around a week to ten days to complete. As always, our instructors will tailor the course to suit your requirements.

How much does it cost?

All lessons are PHP 1500 per hour (approximately USD $30, depending on current exchange rates).  Students may take as many or as few hours of tuition as needed.

Does the price include equipment?

Yes, it includes all your kiteboarding gear, as well as helmets, buoyancy aids, booties, and sun protective clothing if required.

Are your instructors qualified?

Yes! All our instructors are experienced and IKO qualified. IKO set the global benchmark for safe practice and teaching excellence in kiteboarding and CWA is proud to be the only fully IKO affiliated centre in the Philippines.

Will I get a qualification after I finish?

Yes, all students get an IKO qualification upon finishing their course. The level awarded will reflect the skills you have mastered during the course.

I can already kiteboard independently – What’s next?

Once you’ve mastered kiteboarding independently, you may wish to progress to the next level by taking an advanced lesson.  CWA uses two-way bluetooth headsets which allow you to ride with your instructor and receive one on one real-time feedback and adjustments to your technique – In our experience, this is the best way for experienced riders to progress rapidly.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, but it helps us to plan ahead if we know you’re coming.  If you wish to take lessons with CWA, please drop us a line at, detailing your expected arrival and departure dates, any prior experience, and anything else you think might be relevant! After you arrive on Cuyo an instructor will assess your needs schedule your lessons accordingly.

Any more questions?

Please get in touch!